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Stream Processing in Java

Stream Processing in Java
Vladimir Schreiner (Hazelcast)

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Please note: Session in English

You want to collect metrics across your infrastructure, aggregate it and trigger an alert if the performance drops. In milliseconds. Which tools would you consider? The ELK stack? A timeseries database? A log aggregator?

There is no wrong answer. Fundamentally, what you really need is a query engine tuned to work with an append-only table - a stream processor. Stream processors are building blocks for applications that run computations driven by the streams of data. We're going to discuss three focal points of modern streaming stacks: time, connectivity and scale.

The code samples used during the talk are build using Hazelcast Jet framework.


Vladimir is a technical product manager with an engineering background (Master’s degree in Computer science) and deep expertise in stream processing and real-time data pipelines. Ten years of building internal software platforms and development infrastructure have made him passionate about new technologies and finding ways to simplify data processing. Therefore Vladimir joined Hazelcast in 2016 and he is a product guy behind Hazelcast Jet streaming engine. Vladimir is also a lecturer with the Czechitas Foundation, whose mission is to inspire women and girls to explore the world of information technology.


Unter allen Teilnehmern verlosen wir einmal das Buch "Informationssicherheit und Datenschutz – einfach & effektiv" von Inge Hanschke, ein Exemplar von "IoT at Home" von Peter Hüwe und Stephan Hüwe und einmal das Buch "Vorgehensmuster für Softwarearchitektur" von Stefan Toth aus dem Carl Hanser Verlag. Der Verlag unterstützt unsere Veranstaltung als Preissponsor.


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Vladimir Schreiner (Hazelcast)




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