The Call for Papers for the JUG Saxony Day 2023 has been started. We’re looking forward to your interesting submissions!


We seek for lectures in the following areas:

  • Beyond Java – Lectures about programming languages and ecosystems besides Java, e.g., about Kotlin, Rust, Typescript, Python, Go etc., incl. the corresponding tools, libraries, frameworks as well as language-typical patterns or architectural styles.
  • Software development process – Lectures accompanying the software development process: requirements management, agile approaches, version control, CI/CD and operation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Lectures on the theory and application of AI and ML techniques such as neural networks in all forms, AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, Torch/PyTorch, Keras etc.
  • Java technology and enterprise as well as mobile applications with Java – Lectures on current developments and trends related to the programming language Java and enterprise applications of Java with all technologies from Spring to Java EE, including all variants of mobile applications
  • Architecture – Lectures on software architecture and design
  • Special & Interactive – Lectures beyond Java or software development, be it other programming languages, approaches such as e. g. design thinking or skills like team development and corporate management resp. lectures with greater audience involvement or other performances


Submission deadline: 24. April 2023

Scope of submission

The submitted should briefly describe the contents of the planned presentation. 60 minutes are available for a presentation and 20 minutes for a short presentation. Questions and discussion are included in this time. Overall, the program will probably consist of a keynote, 24 lectures and 12 short lectures. Conference language is German. We highly appreciate presentations in English – please include the presentation language in your submission.

Acceptance process

The Call for Papers ends on April 24th, 2023. After that, the program committee will review and evaluate all submissions. The conference program is expected to be presented in May 2023.

Program comittee

  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Aßmann, TU Dresden
  • Julia Dellnitz, smidig GmbH
  • Oliver Drotbohm, VMware
  • Bernd Fischer, MindApproach GmbH
  • Steffen Gemkow, ObjectFab GmbH
  • Dr. Falk Hartmann, JUG Saxony e. V.
  • Michael Hunger, Neo4j Inc.
  • Tobias Israel, BUSCHMAIS GbR
  • Prof. Dr. Mario Neugebauer, HTW Dresden
  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Weicker, HTWK Leipzig

Please send questions about the conference and the call for papers to


A summary, the description, the presentation slides and, if applicable, image and sound recordings will be published by the JUG Saxony e. V. Therefore, these contents must are at least placed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Germany license (ccl,

By submitting a paper, you agree to accept this license. If you want to place your work under a different license, you must indicate this in your submission.

Rules of conduct

WWe expect our speakers to accept the conference’s rules of conduct at Verhaltensregeln auf der Konferenz.

Compensation for contribution/Payment of travel expenses

The JUG Saxony Day is a non-commercial event. The organizer of the conference is the JUG Saxony e. V. We ask for your understanding that no compensation will be paid for contributions and no travel expenses for speakers can be covered (neither full nor in part).

Free tickets for speakers

Speakers and co-speakers each receive a free ticket and do not have to register via the registration portal. Co-speakers must be registered with the submission or communicated to the organizational team at latest by the time the program is published. Free tickets are available for a maximum of two speakers per presentation. Additional co-speakers must purchase a paid ticket via the registration portal.